Who is the boss of anime game in China?

China is a vast and developed game market. Many game makers quickly grasp the current gaming tastes and trends of gamers to make games, investing in the anime game segment.

Of course, many of the leading big game brands cannot afford to miss this fat cake. Most major game companies such as Tencent, NetEase, Perfect World, Shengqu Games… exploit and develop this anime series. But success is not equal, there will be leading brands, get reputation.

If you look at and observe the most comprehensive, with the current success, it seems NetEase is leading, not Tencent Games. As we have a separate article about NetEase game, which analyzes the sensitivity and has the advantages for this game company to rapidly develop the anime series not only in the domestic market but also to expand international.


While other game companies are still investing in the domestic market, NetEase was quickly seeking overseas profits very soon. Perhaps having more relationships with Japan, the original products debuted, the anime game of NetEase gained some buzz.

In the beginning, we have to mention Onmyoji and Onmyoji Arena. This was the first successful product that made NetEase known, shaped as a prominent anime franchise. Although it was originally manufactured for the Chinese market, it was quickly exported internationally. Deeply exploiting the world of Onmyouji with the famous and popular shikigami gods, both in form of squad tactics and MOBA format, makes gamers passionate. Even Japanese gamers who play the game find and admire the Chinese mobile game company. Not only in Japan, but both Yin and Yang games played on mobile have been really popular in many parts of the world.


From that launch pad, NetEase can now be proud to have a fortune on anime game quite big, most of them are shipped internationally. Recently when the battle royale genre developed, NetEase skillfully combined the genres that it has, especially anime-inspired games to create a new experience. Games such as Eclipse Isle, Super Mecha Champions, Disorder, Creative Destruction… are attracting the attention of the international gaming community.

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