TOP 5 things prove Katakuri is a perfect pirate in One Piece

Charlotte Katakuri was the second son of the Big Mom family, and he had a wanted amount of up to 1 billion 57 million beli.

Katakuri ate Mochi Mochi, thus giving him the ability to create and control Mochi cakes according to his wishes. Between him and Luffy there was an epic battle in Cake Island. Through this battle, we learned that Katakuri is not a completely evil character, but that he also has the characteristics of a male and a macho man. Let’s point through the signs that Katakuri is a perfect pirate in One Piece.

  1. Want to solo the main road with Lu

Usually the villains in One Piece try to win despite the trick, no matter how bad or dirty it is. But Katakuri doesn’t do anything like that, when Flampe intervenes in the battle between Katakuri and Luffy and expects him to praise him.

But Katakuri did not do so, he injured himself and showed Flampe the real face of Katakuri and shouted at Flampe for interfering with the battle of real men.

  1. Interested in family

Katakuri is a person who values ​​his family more than anything. The cause of the fight between him and Luffy is also because Katakuri saw this Lu boy capable of harming Big Mom in the future, so he did not hesitate to fight to eliminate this threat before it have chances to develop.

Katakuri cares about most family members and wants them to grow. He had regretted that his appearance had harmed his sister Brulee, since then he had concealed the imperfections on his face and became a respectable brother to family members. Follow.

  1. There is respect for the opponent

Katakuri knows that he must put pressure on and defeat the opponent immediately. So when his full power was first shown, Katakuri had a great number of fans because he easily overwhelmed him. Even then, there was a movement to exchange main in the One Piece community. However, this decreased gradually when Katakuri showed everyone his wide mouth.

  1. The power of Katakuri

In terms of strength, we must definitely acknowledge that Katakuri is one of the strongest characters in One Piece. He mastered all three types of haki and in which his observation haki reached an upper level, it helped him foresee a short time in the future.

In addition, Katakuri also possesses a Paramecia demon named Mochi Mochi no Mi, thus helping him to create and control mochi according to his wishes. And it is Katakuri who is one of the few characters who awakened the Devil Fruit in One Piece, giving him some of the characteristics of Logia fruits.

5: Body standard marshal

The last reason I used to prove the point is that Katakuri is one of the perfect characters in One Piece, which is the body of his standard. You may be wondering how many characters have body standards why I emphasize this when it comes to Katakuri.






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