Top 5 best anime about magic theme Yaiba

Magic is probably something we all love about it since we were a child and we all want it to be true. Whether you want to fly or have telepathy, we all agree that magic anime really touches our hearts!

With a magic-type anime, it’s hard for fans to choose the movie that they love the most. No problem, the suggestions below will help you. You like magical girls or more thorny topics, though, we still encourage you to see all the suggestions below.

1. Demon King Daimao

Akuto Sai, a boy determined to later become one of the best magicians and contribute to society. On the day he entered the Magic Academy of Constan, his future career test gave the result “The future becomes the Demon King”. And so his school life began with the class leader who disliked him, a girl with strange powers that kept clinging to him, and a beautiful android girl who protected him … This is a 12-episode anime that you should watch!


2. Fimiliar Of Zero

A little bit gentle and a lot of ecchi scenes, watch this funny romantic movie. Louise is a girl who represents tsundere personality with many fans. Her relationship with Saito is extremely lovely and fun. During the four seasons, some things start to relate to the storyline, the movie starts and ends faster than you think when you sit passionately watching it! Louise is a magician in Tristein Academy, she nicknamed “Zero” because she never succeeded with any magic.


At a traditional 2nd year competition, summoning a summoned beast, different from everyone summoning all powerful creatures…, she called up a human again – Hiraga Saito, a Japanese boy. Saito is stuck in this magic world, he tries to return. The film with the magic, wands and everything has a great witch’s cloak.

3. Junkestu Maria (Maria The Virgin Witch)

This is a movie that doesn’t disappoint you. Set in France, throughout the “Cross-World War” between England and France. The story revolves around Maria, the most powerful female magician at the time. Considering war, she decided to use her ultimate magic to … break. Maria’s intervention along with her 2 entourage (Succubus Artemis and Incubus Priapos) makes Heaven notice. So the supreme angel Michael declared, “When Maria loses her innocence, it is then that she will be stripped of her supreme power”.


The Ezekiel angel was sent down to oversee Maria to make sure the little witch did not use magic in front of humans, but supervision was one thing, banning was another …. The movie certainly has many approaches to ecchi and humor. But overall, the film is very light. The questions that arise in the movie are very unexpected and can make people realize something.

4. Aesthetica Of Rogue Hero

The story leads us to a world where young men and women often find themselves lost in another world of swords and magic called Alayzard. Those who return to the river come back and bring themselves the miraculous ability. An international training organization called Babel protects young people from returning and training them to use their abilities. A stubborn hero named Akatsuki has returned to his world, along with a beautiful girl, Myuu, is the daughter of the last Dark Lord, whom he defeated in battle.


5. Hagane No Renkinjutsushi (Fullmetal Alchemist)

The great thing about the series is that it’s just funny and nothing dark. Alchemy is used with a magic spell. With the equivalent exchange rules followed, you can do everything by using the coffee transformation circle of the correct ingredients.


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