Top 3 best anime of all time you have to see at least 1 time

Due to the large number of anime releases, there may be a lot of people finding it difficult to choose which anime suits their interests or the best ones.

Therefore, we would like to send to the list of the 3 best animes of all time that you will definitely want to see once in your life.

1. Akagame ga Kill!

According to many movie reviews, this is an anime with early episodes that is quite boring but has a quite interesting plot. Can say Akame ga Kill! Is a series of films with the most fascinating action scenes you should see. The story focuses on a country boy named Tatsumi, who leaves his homeland and sets out to find a prosperous city to make a name and earn money to help his village escape hunger. On a special occasion, he confronted a group of assassins known as the Night Raid, an underground organization tasked with destroying the “society’s mites” living in the name of noble nobles, It also helps rebels to overthrow the rotting government. The film incorporates images of the heroes living under the guise of the pursued offenders and countless deeply haunting scenes for fans of the anime.


2. Rurouni Kenshin: Wandering Samurai

This is an interesting anime that has a plot focused on recounting the journeys of a wandering young swordsman (ronin) and accidentally getting into a conflict with a dojo in Japan. The film explores the theme of the romantics living in the Meiji period and is deeply impressed by the images of the characters and the extremely dramatic sword fighting scenes that you have seen through historical films. 1870. The philosophies introduced in the film are those of the turbulent social era, the constant war so it seems that many people will feel strange or curious about the morals that the looking for customers in the Meiji era.


3. One-Puch Man

True to the name of the anime, this is the story of a hilarious teen hero. He has an extraordinary physical strength and can defeat any enemy with just one punch, which always frustrates him. You may think that “It is interesting to have a kill” and you want to see a hero fighting hard against his enemies? This anime doesn’t follow a heroic build like that. Through the story you will see an extremely strong hero always has to fight against enemies stronger than him many times. He was once very weak and had to undergo extremely arduous training to be as strong as he is today. Are your efforts to become strong worth it? Check out the movie for an answer.


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