Top 2 female characters being stoned the most in Manga

The female characters in the manga are always colorful, each with their own personality and each audience has their own look.

Based on the votes of the majority of Manga fans, we would like to point out that the two female characters were the most stoned by everyone.

Yuuki Kuran (Vampire Knight)

As the female protagonist of the Manga Vampire Knight series, also known as: Yuuki Kurosu, Kurosu Yuuki, Cross Yuuki, after recovering as a vampire, Yuuki Kuran was changed. She is the adopted daughter of the principal of Kurosu Academy, a member of the academy’s security committee, which protects the academy. Her true identity is the blood princess, sister and fiancĂ©e of the pure vampire, whom she likes Kaname Kuran.

Unlike Carol who was stoned by people for her weak and easy-to-believe personality, Yuuki is a strong girl who never surrenders to all enemies, but the love in love makes her lose. score in front of the audience. She likes Kaname and also has feelings for her friend Zero. Her unwavering affection causes hurt for her two loving sons and also leads to many conflicts between them. Normally, strong and impartial, to shout at times, to cry and to be helpless. Her unending love extends to the future, distressing the characters Kaname and Zero. She had a child with Kaname, but after marrying Zero, he accidentally pushed his daughter into a dilemma when she refused to recognize Zero as a father. There are many readers secretly arguing that these two male characters should leave Yuuki and come together, thus resulting in a lot of fellow actors about these two male characters being born and well received by the readers.

Ran Mori

Ran Mori is the female protagonist of the popular manga Detective Conan. She is Shinichi’s best friend since childhood, has martial arts skills and was a member of Teitan High School’s karate team. However, this female character has a large number of anti fans because according to them, Ran is a fierce, crying girl and especially not beautiful. If you are a fan of this series, yes Perhaps also know the secret war between the two fans of Ran and Haibara. They often bring Ran to Haibara’s comparisons, which makes Ran inferior because of the fact that Haibara is superior to Ran in terms of ability and ability to help male protagonist Conan (Kudo Shinichi). In addition, the love between Cona and Ayumi is also one of the reasons that make the love of the two main characters fall behind.

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