Top 10 Scariest Horror Anime For You (Part 1)

Welcome to a terrifying list, you won’t be able to sleep tonight. We’re sure some of you like horror movies, but don’t watch them when you’re unprepared.

For those who are merely curious or easily frightened, our list ranges from least intimidating (but still frightening) to scariest, so you can choose by personality!

There is a physical craze one gets when watching scary things, and the dangers stemming from sounds and images allow us to indulge in these strong emotions while being assured of at least Partly escape terror after the horror movie or anime ends.

Jigoku Shoujo

At 12 o’clock in the morning, there is a website called Hell Corrence that becomes available to those who have the faith to put someone to hell. Whether your grudge stems from fear, anger, or jealousy, your wish to punish someone permanently will be answered if you just give the desired victim’s name and use your own soul. Sending someone to hell instantly, regardless of their crimes, is enough to mark your soul into the underworld. Enma Ai is the one who exactly fulfills your request and will take away the person who is robbing your happiness. Just enjoy your time on Earth without them, for when it’s your time.

Jigoku Shoujo tells you from the very title some supernatural things are coming down. Enma Ai is a classic Japanese ghost, with long black hair, and her sight calls for some scary pictures in mind. Jigoku Shoujo deals with some dark and sad subjects, and some cruel and perverse individuals. Everyone to hell is different, but will involve some kind of reflection on their crimes as punishment. While some of the episodes were very violent or shocking, it came in at number 10 on our list simply because it felt so good to see these horrible people sent to hell for the dreadful actions.

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