Top 10 anime series that took away the most tears from fans (Part 5)

9. Air

Right from the title of the movie, viewers can also feel an indescribable sadness. The film revolves around the character Kunisaki Yukito travels throughout Japan on a family’s quest to find “girl in the sky” for generations. He meets three strange girls in a small seaside town and that’s where the story begins. Air is a confusing but very touching movie. A movie so soothing and soothing can make you shed tears without understanding why. Especially when the film ends when the main character leaves freely flying in the sky of his own, viewers can hardly hold back their emotions at such beautiful and sad images. If you are a drama/romance lover, do not miss a great movie like Air.

Top 10 những bộ anime lấy đi nhiều nước mắt của fan nhất

10. Anohana: The flower we saw that day

Anohana tells the story of a group of 6 best friends who were childhood friends who no longer played together in high school. One girl in the group, Memma, asked her friend Jitan to help her fulfill a wish but needed to gather all of those old friends. The film especially emphasizes the value of friendship, which is portrayed in Anohana very beautiful, pure and true. The first episodes of the series take place quietly and gently with the characters’ daily life, but the last episode can make you cry like you’ve never cried, like all the compression is poured out in the last moments. Up until now, farewell moments have always been in the top of the scene that grabs the audience’s tears the most, but it is really difficult to have a farewell, deeply sad and meaningful like in Anohana.

Top 10 những bộ anime lấy đi nhiều nước mắt của fan nhất

Anime is a rich world of emotions that has helped viewers experience emotions that are hard to find elsewhere. There are anime with bright colors, and filled with laughter like K-ON, Gintama, One piece … On the contrary, there are also heavy, dark, haunted movies like Attack on titan, Death note, … However, despite belonging to many different genres, possessing interesting stories, each anime directs viewers to beautiful values ​​in life with meaningful messages. ending with a happy ending. Love, hatred, war, … The following anime have touched many fans.

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