Top 10 anime series that took away the most tears from fans (Part 3)

4. Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied is an Anime with interesting and emotional details revolving around a girl with genetic mutation capable of manipulating vectors as a murder tool – Lucy. Lucy has a deep hatred for people because her past is filled with discrimination and cruel treatment.

Witnessing Lucy’s heartbreaking past and the unjust circumstances of Mayu, Nana and Mariko and the sad, melancholy lyrics that resounded on each scene, the reader could not help but cry.

Top 10 những bộ anime lấy đi nhiều nước mắt của fan nhất

With the theme of the corruption of society, hatred and altruism, the film upholds the worth of each individual with emotional moments and vibrations reaching every corner of the human soul.

5. Plastic memories

The story takes place in a not too distant future when humanoid robots begin to cover the world. The state-of-the-art robot manufacturing company has the qualities and quantity of emotions most human-like compared to known strains. Plastic Memories tells the story of human civilization that allows them to create “artificial memories” to replace the flaws of others, but these artificial memories also have a certain time to maintain. And when the time comes, the “Erase memories” will come and recover them with great pain coming from both sides.

6. Saikano

Top 10 những bộ anime lấy đi nhiều nước mắt của fan nhất

A love song full of tragic and painful love song, Saikano depicts the beautiful and strange love story between Shuji and Chise. Until one day, Shuji discovered the terrifying truth behind Chise’s petite appearance and shy personality. In a poll, Chise entered the top female characters with the most unhappy and tragic fate in Japanese comics, partly demonstrating how sad that viewers will feel while watching the anime. this. Especially the last episode of the movie left the audience with the most emotion with the loss that the war caused. Saikano is truly a movie worth watching with a very humanistic meaning message that has a strong impact on the coldest hearts.

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