Top 10 anime series that took away the most tears from fans (Part 2)

3. Grave of the fireflies

Set in Japan at the end of World War II, the film has partly reflected the painful brutality of the fierce war. The main character is Seita, a love-rich, slightly defiant boy who is the son of a Marine soldier and his cute sister Setsuko.

The city where Seita and Setsuko live was hit by hundreds or thousands of US military bombs. During an airstrike, the brothers’ mother was injured and passed away shortly after at a field hospital in an elementary school. The brothers moved to Nishinomiya to live with their aunt. Because food problems in wartime were more difficult, Seita and Setsuko often hang out at the beach, catching fireflies instead of helping her aunt, so she was always frowning and angry, and not interested in anything. Seita and Setsuko stay at her house.

After staying with their aunt for a while, the two of them decided to move out and stay in a small abandoned bomb shelter near the lake not far from their home. They both try to live on what they get like vegetables or whatever food they can, even stealing, but it’s not enough.

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The end of the story that is told at the beginning is the scene of Seita dying in pain and starvation at the train station, only to then see the ghost – Seita’s soul recalling his life: “Night September 21, 1945 That was the night I died”. From the autobiographical work Hotaru no haka by writer Akiyuki Nosaka, Takahata showed through the anime Grave of Fireflies the quiet sadness that took away many tears. With no exaggeration, noisy or enmity of war, the film passes quietly and quietly – evoking emotions not by recreating reality, but by simplifying and emphasizing central, biased details concept rather than actual experience.

The scenes are very slow, immersed in the tranquility of the scene, space and time on a gentle nature background. The wind blows very gently, the lake water is soft, the night falls slowly, the trees rustle for a while that seems to stand still and silence is used in emotional scenes like when the two children see. zombie on the beach or when bombs fall and explode in order to bring out the stillness in the cave, in the rushing and devastation of war.

There are many poetic scenes in the movie such as Seita and Setsuko chasing fireflies while at her aunt’s house, when the two brothers catch fireflies to make lights in their “little house”, and the two brothers play around. by the beach… all of those scenes make us understand that little bliss cannot be lost no matter how devastating a war may be. Then Setsuko innocently asks him, “Why are fireflies dying so quickly?”. Auntie said that mom is dead, she is buried under the grave: “I am a grave for these fireflies”… then the two brothers could not hold back tears and hug each other and cry.

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