Top 10 anime series that took away the most tears from fans (Part 1)

Anime is a rich world of emotions that has helped viewers experience emotions that are hard to find elsewhere. There are anime with bright colors, and full of laughter like K-ON, Gintama, One piece, …

On the contrary, there are also heavy, dark, haunting movies like Attack on titan, Death note, … However, despite being in many different genres, possessing interesting stories, each anime directs viewers to beautiful values ​​in life with meaningful messages with a happy ending. Love, hatred, war, … The following anime have touched many fans.

1. Clannad: After story

Following the first part of Clannad, this can be said to be the anime that took the audience’s tears the most. The film focuses on the lives of Nagisa and Tomoya after graduation with daily difficulties portrayed in a close and genuine manner. The sweet emotions of the two characters at the beginning of the film are also the premise for one of the most touching stories that the audience has ever seen. The more attractive and touching towards the end of the film, the climax is the departure of the mother and daughter Nagisa, which makes viewers burst into all emotions.

Top 10 những bộ anime lấy đi nhiều nước mắt của fan nhất

Many people admit that these episodes make them cry a lot and never want to watch it again because it is so heartbreaking. But behind that is the meaningful message about life, about love, family affection that is skillfully conveyed and filled with humanity.

2. Angel Beats

Top 10 những bộ anime lấy đi nhiều nước mắt của fan nhất

As the “tear-absorbing” masterpiece of Key Studio released in 2010, the film tells about a place called special Hell, a place for the souls when they are alive, they have quite boring and almost boring lives. there is no life purpose. And here, as long as they realize their purpose of life, as well as when they will disappear, that means death for the second time! Like Anohana, Angel Beats! There are also songs that stir people, typically the song performed by many famous singers such as Lia, LiSA. The song is called Ichiban no Takaramono.

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