Top 10 anime isekai is the most popular audience (Part 3)

3. Konosuba

Satou Kazuma is a high school boy who loves games, manga, anime, and is a genuine hikikomori. But his useless life ended quickly. After a “tragic” accident, Kazuma died. It was thought that everything was over here, but he suddenly woke up in some strange dimension and caught a lovely girl who claimed to be a goddess named Aqua. She gives two options for him: one is to fly to heaven, the other is to revive in the fantasy world – the dream of every gamer. Kazuma chose to start living in a new world, and the task he faced was to defeat the Demon Lord – who dominated the entire village. But before he left, he was given a choice to take with him, helping him complete the task. The future hero didn’t hesitate to choose Aqua’s “goddess” right away – and that was the most wrong choice of his life – Aqua was an extremely “god”! Unfortunately, the world Kazuma wanted to move to wasn’t as ideal as the game. Instead of participating in exciting adventures, they have to worry about rice and rice money first, not to mention the “debt” that Satou carries constantly causing one problem after another to trouble for others. Then Kazuma must live?

Light novel Konosuba sẽ kết thúc vào tháng sau. Liệu anime sẽ có ...

2. No Game No Life

The story of “No Game, No Life” revolves around two brothers Sora and Shiro who created a legend of the virtual world, a gamer known as “invincible”. But behind the halo in the virtual world, the two cousins ​​are the NEETs, the “useless” people of society. One day, they were taken by a person who called himself “God” to a world of his, “World Board”, where everything was decided by games, from human life to National border. Will the two most powerful gamer of humanity continues to shine in the world they have always dreamed of, and reach the top as they always have.

1. Sword Art Online

SWORD ART ONLINE | Arte de espada, Sword art online, Arte anime

Cannot escape from this place until clearing the game; game over is synonymous with death in its own right. Unaware of this, 10,000 people logged into a new generation of MMO games, lifting the curtain of death. Alone in the game, Kirito quickly accepted this truth. And in this world, inside a tower in midair named Aincrad, he accepted as a solo player. With the goal of advancing to the top floor to clear the game, Kirito continued to adventure alone. Because of an attractive invitation from the female swordsman and a skilled rapier user, Asuna, he decided to fight with her. The meeting brought an opportunity that could be said to be Kirito’s fate.

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