Summarize the emotional anime that is worth watching

If you are a love story anime fan, don’t ignore these anime.

1. Toradora

It all started when Takasu accidentally bumped Taiga Aisaka as a classmate, and also a close friend of Kushieda, a person whose eyes were even colder than Takasu. Ironically, Aisaka likes Kitamura, Takasu likes Kushieda but the two Kushieda and Kitamura (and many other witnesses) claim that Takasu and Aisaka have nothing together, the bad jokes begin.

2. Kimi ni Todoke: From You to Me

The content revolves around Sawako Kuronuma (Mikako Tabe), a kind girl, but it is quite difficult to get close to the “Sadako” nickname because her hair resembles the main character in her “Ringu” horror film. Sawako Kuronuma’s big change when she met Shota Kazehaya (Haruma Miura) – he was very popular at high school.

3. Clannad

This anime series is a harmonious combination of tragedy and emotion, very easy to tear your heart to pieces. This is where the takeoff time soars and lets people feel the power of emotions in reality.

4. Sword Art Online

This set is no stranger to everyone. Kirito participated in a game called ”Sword Art Online”. However, after logging in, it is impossible to escape the game until the game is over, the game over is synonymous with the word death. After a minute of regret because of his foolish play Kirito was determined to head to the top floor to break the game and in the meantime Kirito met asuna – a skilled rapier user and Ten Years Ten people who watched the story of them.

5. My Love Story !!

The main character is the high school boy, Gouda Takeo, who is an ugly giant, but he is good. Because of being ugly, there are no ghosts who want to go to Takeo anymore, they only care about his handsome Sunakawa friend. but thankfully, he still had eyes for Takeo one day, remembering the day when he bravely saved Yamato from a pervert. The life and love of Takeo officially turns to a new page.







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