SPY x Family – The new super funny anime series

With the novel, light but funny story, SPY x Family promises to bring you the most relaxing moments.

If you are too fed up with Isekai or RPG – the two hottest stories currently available, then maybe SPY x Family promises to bring you new, unique and relaxing moments with funny elements. The plot of SPY x Family is set in the Cold War era in Europe. Entering the story, readers will encounter characters portrayed as spies, assassins, even psychic.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho SPY x Family comíc

It all began when Lloyd Folger, a spy who was tasked with approaching and investigating a dangerous political element. However, unlike previous assignments during the past 10 years, Lloyd is tasked with … getting married and having children. From here, a series of funny and bad stories happened around Lloyd’s life.

If you imagine, a series of stories about assassins and spies of course must be a bit creepy, curious and gloomy. But no, you have been tricked, according to the content of the first chapters, the story goes lovely. Although the couple are professionals in assassination and espionage, in the field of raising children and taking care of their families, they lack experience. And the appearance of the telepathic girl Anya has caused everything to turn around.

With her telepathic, cunning and skillful abilities, Anya brought both Lloyd’s father and Yoru’s mother into an interesting and equally bad situation. Under the drawing and subtle expression of the author Tatsuya Endo, the viewer was able to see a promising start to a shounen manga released in 2019.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho SPY x Family comíc

Up to now, on Shueisha’s Manga Plus application, SPY x Family has received more than 7 thousand likes, 2 thousand comments from readers, even though only 3 chapters have been released. This is a very positive achievement. Although knowing that the road ahead is still long, the positive results at the beginning are probably the driving force for mangaka Tatsuya Endo and his colleagues to continue to create more engaging stories in the future. Hopefully the series will retain its form in the future.

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