List of top 4 winter animes in 2020

Today, we will introduce to you the anime that will contribute to the success of Winter 2020.

Let’s start right away!

1. Oshi ga Budoukan Ittekuretara Shinu

The story revolves around a woman named “Eripiyo”, a fan of less popular idols. She is extremely fond of mentioning Maina, a shy and lowest-ranked sub-group in the underground and small group Cham Jam while performing in Okayama province. She became such a big fan of Maina that she bleed her nose during a special performance. Eri will continue to devote herself to Maina until she performs at Budoukan – one of Tokyo’s biggest venues.

2. Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T

The plot takes place the same as in Toaru Majutsu no Index but revolves around the female character Misaka Mikoto – one of the main characters and a friend of Kamijō Tōma, she is one of the seven most capable people in the city – level 5- with the possibility of using electricity, showing the perspective of another character on the common world of the two works; primarily delving into the affairs of the Siters, clones, and upper level.

3. Runway de Waratte

Chiyuki Fujito wanted to become a Paris Collection model. But there was a problem: she was too short to be a model, everyone around her said that. But despite the words of the world, she still refused to give up. Her classmate, a poor male student, Ikuto Tsumura, also had a small dream of becoming a fashion designer. One day, Chiyuki told him that “it is impossible” for him to consider giving it up. This is a story about the two of them on their way to achieving their dreams.


4. Natsunagu!

The story is about a young Natsuna Keyaki. She was a university student in Tokyo, who came to Kumamoto Prefecture after losing contact with her friend after the earthquake in 2016. There, she met characters with many colorful personalities, such as schoolgirl Izumi, who ignited the passion in Natsuna.

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