Japanese anime – cultural characteristics of Japanese people (Part 1)

In Japan there are many interesting unique things. Japan is the second largest economy in the world with diverse industries from industry, agriculture to services. 

One of the highlights of Japan is the Japanese Anime, also known as the cartoon (often adapted from comics).

What is anime?

Anime is a cartoon made in Japanese style. The content of the Anime is very diverse for all audiences and all ages. Currently, hot anime is often the anime adapted from famous comic books. The anime was popular only in Japan before but it was popular around the world later.

Bạn biết gì về Anime Nhật Bản?

History of Japanese Anime

The first anime series appeared in Japan in 1907 with a length of only 3 seconds but it was also considered the first anime. In 1932, the anime was voiced but still did not attract many viewers because it was the golden time of Western animated films like Walt Disney.

From the difficulty of the animation market, animation companies have teamed up with mangaka to create a series of anime based on the plot of popular manga in the market.

In the beginning, the anime often followed the stories of robots with content from famous manga, gradually the anime went deeper into the content and details to suit the tastes of the viewers. These days, anime often have simple strokes, vibrant colors, and lots of childish characters.

Anime Nhật Bản - nét đặc trưng văn hóa của người Nhật

A few notable points of Japanese Anime

Anime often follows the plot of popular manga. Some popular anime on the market will be adapted into manga. Even some anime have been adapted into games.

The anime’s content is usually adapted from the manga, so the image and dialogue will be similar to the manga but one difference is the voiceover. In Japan, there are classes for professional anime voice actors. Many anime voice actors are famous singers in Japan. Some people have voices that are especially suited to the character “moe” or “kute”, which are always sought after by anime directors.

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