If you are a fan of Formula 1 racing, don’t forget these anime for speed racing enthusiasts

If you are a speed racing enthusiast, then you should definitely not ignore the 4 anime titles related to this topic that we summarize in the following list.

Japanese people have developed a passion for racing since the early 1990s and this hobby has gradually been used as a theme for popular anime and manga titles ever since. Today, let’s summarize the most interesting anime titles for racing that you should not ignore if you are a fan of this speed sport.

1. Redline

Every 5 years there will be a race named Redline held and the venue will only be announced a few days before the race begins. This organization of Redline will be located at Roboworld but Roboworld’s soldiers seem to want to hinder this race.


With the rules of the race is quite simple, there is no law, the Redline competition took place extremely fierce with racing cars equipped with weapons, advanced technology. The highlight of the anime lies in the racing screen, epic battle, dramatic competition between riders to determine who is the first to finish.

2. Speed Racer

As a classic anime series not to be missed, Speed Racer began broadcasting on television since the late 60s. This anime has earned itself a place in the hearts of its audiences but was then limited to a couple of times. A little bit because the content is not exactly the right age.


The film revolves around the story of three characters, Gou, Michi and Kurio, and the intense races they have to go through to dream of becoming a professional racing driver. In the movie, the audience will be very interested in cars that have added utility parts with combat ability like a spy car.

3. Capeta

Taira Kappeita, also known as Capeta, was a fourth-grade student, orphaned by a mother. This kid always tried to show that he was extremely hard in front of his father but in reality, he always felt extremely lonely until one day, when this father took Capeta to a landfill car and make the kid a toy racing.


Since then, the passion for Capeta’s fast-paced sport has been shown to encourage the close relatives of Capeta to pursue a career in racing and enter the professional arena.

4. Oban Star-Racers

It is an animated film produced jointly by Japan and France in the context of races taking place in the future world. Our main character is Eva, a girl on her way to find her lost father.


However, when the identity of the beloved father was found, the Earth team was swept into a competition with the great team Oban. In order to gain attention from her lost father for years, Eva decided to join this race and win. The movie is about racing themes but combined with fictional, spacecraft …

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