Daredevil becomes Marvel Universe Universe Prophet?

Not only is “The Man without Fear”, but Daredevil has also once become a god, and a cosmic prophet.

As you know, Daredevil is one of Marvel Comics’ most famous street superheroes, even ranked 10th in IGN’s Top 100 comic book heroes in 2011. But it doesn’t stop there, Daredevil from “The Man without Fear” has become a god, as well as a cosmic prophet.

During the War of the Realms not long ago, Heimdall gave Daredevil the Hofund sword, turning the blind knight into “God without Fear”, with ears that could listen. everything across the Decade in the Marvel universe, along with the Radar-Sense has been multiplied. Even in a different dimension, he could still hear the flapping of butterflies’ wings at Chandilar.

With this sword, God without Fear became a key player in the movement and evacuation of the population during the event. Not only that, Daredevil also possesses super powers when he can punch Kingpin through a building. In addition to Hofund, “God without Fear” Daredevil also owns shuriken made from the fragments of the Bifrost, helping to attack the Dark Star army with Asgard’s magic.

However, Daredevil not only fought in the Great War, but he did another action: meeting an Avengers: She-Hulk member. Upon meeting her, God without Fear warned, and prophesized She-Hulk about her super powers. The future of the Avengers in particular, the Marvel universe in general will be directly related to the fate of She-Hulk.

As we all know, in the Avengers: The Final Host series, She-Hulk touched the body of a Celestial, causing her gamma energy to increase significantly. This results in every time Jennifer Walters becomes She-Hulk, her body releases maximum of this gamma energy, causing her to become muscular and become a grumpy Savage She-Hulk, instead of the beautiful “Sensational She-Hulk” as before.

According to Daredevil, the fact that She-Hulk possesses a multiplicity of power is absolutely a reason, which is the preparation of the Celestials for a future war. The gamma rage inside She-Hulk will be more explosive than ever.

In the Avengers series, the race in Hell that Daredevil mentions is the Challenge of The Ghost Riders arc just recently, while the encounter of the messengers is the current arc of Starbrand Reborn.

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