Anime Figures Must-Have 2018 Releases

There is simply no better way to celebrate new beginnings and that includes the arrival of a new season. These are the released that tops the charts and in 2018 the must-get anime figurines include this hand-picked selection.

Taki Tachibana & Mitsuha Miyamizu Figures

These are the figurines part of the ground-breaking film which smashed all previous records in Japan, the 1/8 scale figurines include both Taki Tachibana & Mitsuha Miyamizu sold together or separately. Most would want both the characters iconic to the film and it is often best to pair the heroine and the hero as they gaze past each other.

Automata 2B & Machine Lifeform Set

The art series of Square Enix’s Bring figure distils the furious finesse of Yprha into palm-size power. Subtle specifics like the cross-stitched patterns velvety dresses and her luminous hair brings life to the CG model that is game-rendered.

Position this one into an already consisting collection that includes razor-edged katana. Or display her with any of the figurines you already have, it doesn’t matter where she is placed or how she has displayed the battle android is indeed more than a match. What impresses most is the realistic weathering and the articulation captured the punitive world of automata.

Lelouch & Suzaku

Lavishly detailed to present the most symbolically wealthy Lelouch & Suzaku from MegaHouse, these are available in a set. The set is understandable since these binds inexplicably and in 1/8 scale they superior figures made to display extravagance from many angles as ornaments. They the lords of the figurine world dressed to impress and should be part of any premium selection.

Pokémon & Hilda Figure

These are the 5th entry into the series of Pokémon and its Hilda that seems most determined to challenge all in Nuvema Town and beyond it supported by her sizzling Tepig. It a great team up the duel a Hilda is available as an 8.5 tall figurine that looks ready for action while the Pokémon in training is a 1/8 scale and the duel are well worth adding to your collection. Hilda is ensembled to present that look of the girl in the cap with superpowers while she stays true to Hitoshi’s illustrations. She is the heroine and as a duet, they are worthy of their stance in any fan’s collection.

Hanayo Koizumi Sangatsu Hen

Discharging pure enchantment, the Hanayo Koizumi statuette are a 1/7 scale figurine worth admiring. She is Printemps’ most creative idol. Her eyes are simply sensational beams of innocence matched only by the radiance of the pastel spring-themed outfit. Her dress features blossom buttons giving gentleness via the layers of frills and lace, the magic wand show her powers while the resplendence of the ruffles reminds of a princess out of a fairy-tale.

The Return of Shiro Due to Popular Demand

Shiro is delightfully delicate, her pastel blend of multi-hued hair enhances whimsical magnetism, while the minute earth embraced in her hands discloses her real aspirations. The intricate statue summarises the stale of no game no life into unity, she is a collector’s piece that should be part of anyone wanting to call themselves anime amassers.

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